What is C.L.A.Y. and why the Davis method works

C.L.A.Y. is an acronym meaning Creative Learning About Yourself. Through the implementation of the Davis Dyslexia Correction method, clients  bring meaning to words, numbers and life concepts. Enabling clients to unlock their learning potential in the areas of DyslexiaAttention Deficit, Dyscalculia (maths) and Dyspraxia (balance).  C.L.A.Y. understands and nurtures the diverse ways people learn irrespective of age. 

Dyslexics often experience distortions in perception.  Disorientation occurs when the eyes are not seeing or the ears are not hearing exactly what is in front of them. It is not a problem with eyes or ears, but rather the way that the brain interprets the information from the sensory organs.  

The Davis method is a refreshing pressure-free approach, giving the visual thinker or feeler, time and space to understand how they think  and see the world first. It taps into their own personal strengths to create a simple, effective experiential way to learn.


The first step of the program is to bring attention to what the person feels during learning confusion.


The second step is to introduce a unique personal focus and relaxation toolkit - specifically designed  to help gain certainty and remove anxiety.


The Third step is the person understands and overcomes their own learning hurdles and frustrations, which improves self-esteem: creating a new learning cycle.


Who is C.L.A.Y.


C.L.A.Y. is owned and operated  by Celeste Hearne.   Celeste is trained in the application and use of the Davis Method. Celeste herself is dyslexic having endured learning difficulties as a child and also into her adult life. Celeste's personal experience means she therefore understands the struggles and the strength of what comes with being dyslexic.   

In 2014 Celeste was introduced to the Davis approach and undertook the program herself.  At the time she was determined to try and find an alternative learning source to better understand how to utilise her thinking style. Having experienced firsthand the life changing benefits of the Davis approach, Celeste made a career change and committed herself to becoming a facilitator so she could help other dyslexics. She is a highly skilled professional who has undertaken specialist training, specifically in this field. Celeste's training is based on the application and use of methods developed by Ronald D Davis, who is a dyslexic himself who has become a pioneer in this field through his unique way to view Dyslexia and see the value of creative hands on learning starting back in the 1980's.

Celeste is very focused and passionate about working with dyslexics and their families to show them alternative methods to learn alongside the more traditional approaches.


"Celeste has given her tools for life. To use with learning and with living. Our family is grateful to have you, Celeste. Not in the least for your support in recognising the beauty of her mind and bringing it out into the light."

- From a Mother, Child aged 10

Give Celeste a call or email; she's happy to talk to you regarding your loved one or your own learning challenges and how she could help.





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