Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

The program typically includes 30 hours of intensive one-on-one work over a 5-day period. Before starting the program, we have an initial consultation. Within the consultation we do an exercise that helps determine how the clients natural thinking style works.

The two major tools of the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. First is the Focus tool which we refer to as Orientation Counselling. The  second is the Learning Tool we call Symbol Mastery when we use the clay to master a symbol, word or concept.


Davis Orientation Counseling® teaches dyslexic students how to recognise and control the mental state, that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of symbols, words and concepts.

Through a simple mental technique. The students learn to turn off the thought processes that cause misperceptions. Instead, they are able to restore their minds to a relaxed and focused state, suitable for reading and other studies.

Once Orientation is learned, the student is ready to build the conceptual skills that will allow them to overcome problems stemming from dyslexia.

Davis Symbol Mastery® gives dyslexic students the ability to think with symbols and words. So they can learn to read easily and with full comprehension.

Using clay, students first work with the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks. The reason for this is to make sure that they have an accurate perception and understanding of these symbols. Students then use clay to model the trigger words–the short abstract words, frequently encountered in reading, such as and, the, to, or it. These words cause problems when dyslexic students cannot form a mental picture to go along with them.


Example of Symbol Mastery - The Learning Tool


Through Symbol Mastery, the student makes a three-dimensional clay model of the meaning of each word, together with a model of the letters of the words. With this approach, learning is permanent.

When working with children and teenagers, support training is provided to parents. So that they can continue to work with the child at home. At the end of the basic program, students have a full understanding of all the Davis methods, and know how to continue to use these methods independently.

On completion, students are given a kit containing all materials needed to continue to practice Davis techniques and to continue with clay modelling until they have mastered all the common trigger words.


The Davis Dyslexia Correction ® Program will include all or most of the following:

  • Training of self-help techniques for controlling perception and turning off disorientation
  • Mastery of confusing letters, symbols, numbers, and reference skills
  • Balance and co-ordination improvement
  • Self-awareness tools for reducing stress and controlling energy levels
  • Reading enhancement
  • Spelling and/or handwriting improvement
  • Time management skills
  • Speech and hearing skills
  • Training in how to use creativity as a learning tool
  • Writing techniques
  • Training for a family member or support person
  • Materials required for post programme work
  • Three 1-2 hour follow-up review sessions
  • Unlimited email and phone consultation with facilitatorUsed with Permission

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