What's the big deal about the toolkit?

The Davis tools are designed to help different parts of the brain which all need to work in harmony to be able to learn accurately.



Focus tool (aka Davis Orientation Counselling) is a very simple self-management tool to assist the client with focus. This enables accurate perception and eliminates confusions.  The Focus tool helps the client to orientate and regulate. So they can effectively see the world accurately. And are able process new information and address old confusion. 


Relaxation tool is vital for learning- especially for a Dyslexic. It's referred to as "release". This breathing tool allows the client to understand the importance of taking pressure and expectation off themselves. "Release" removes tension from their brain and body when learning to allow the brain to relax and absorb information.


The Learning tool is Clay!  Clay plays to the strengths of visual-spatial thinkers and feelers. Clay is an extremely useful tool for hands-on experiential learning.

It is used throughout the Davis Programs in a variety of ways. In particular, to help bring meaning to symbols, words, and concepts which are not objects.

Clay enables individuals to be creative, and have fun with the learning process. Allowing true hands-on step by step mastery of previously complex learning hurdles. 

It also helps build fine motor skills at the same time, and works as a fabulous fidget tool ;)


Balance tools- Soft, fun and addictive, koosh balls are used to strengthen and enhance balance and coordination.

It is proven to play a massive role in the ability to direct focus needed for the learning process.



Reading Tool - The client exercises both eyes and brain to build the muscle needed to have strong communication for accurate reading perception. 

The reading tool is designed to train the brain to develop the direct, visual word recognition system that non-dyslexics acquire naturally. And Dyslexics have never been able to apply . To find out more regarding these reading techniques and the science behind them follow this link https://www.dyslexia.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/SERIOLandSpellReading.pdf


The Self Regulation tool is designed for the client to understand their energy. This tool builds awareness for the client that they can take control of their brain, body, and thoughts. 

This can be a powerful tool when emotion gets in the way of our learning and social situations.